fiona's first nursery

i'm sure all new parents can relate to the excitement of planning for a newborn to arrive. there are so many things to buy and order and build and design. the nursery is one of the first things to make the whole experience feel real.

when i was pregnant with fiona, we had a two-bedroom apartment in chicago, and the extra bedroom was a frequently-used guest room that doubled as my closet. so, planning to turn it into a nursery took a lot of cleaning, a lot of throwing things away, and a lot of imagination. when we finally started making progress i got really into the process and wanted to make sure the vision i had for a modern but warm, neutral but pretty, small but complete nursery came together perfectly. i remember being 39 weeks pregnant, hanging shelves and frames and wondering what it was going to be like when we actually had a BABY in that room. in the end, i was so so happy with how fiona's nursery came out. i loved the time we spent together there, and i will always hold it close to my heart as her first home. 

i never shared photos on facebook so i thought i'd save them for posterity here. (side note: has anyone experienced "mom brain" as being unable to come up with the word you're looking for, and instead coming up with several variations of the word that sound similar? it makes me feel SO DUMB. i just typed "prosperity" instead of posterity there. ugh)

the crib is babyletto, the glider is from amazon, the lamp is vintage and has since been broken by careless movers (SOB), the rug is from rugs usa. fun fact: the best way to get "black out curtains" without actually buying them is to put a full panel of insulation in the window instead. our apartment was SO COLD and the windows were so old, that scott actually put insulation and basically boarded up the window so her room would be warm.

honestly i'm pretty proud of how many things in this room were made by me or bought used at thrift stores or antique stores. the lamp, the rose picture, and the square shelf are all thrifted. the dresser/credenza is vintage from district. i made the yarn hanging and it was the easiest craft ever (thanks kate!).

ugh i don't know why this is blurry but it's the only one of her shelves that i got. there are a few pictures that i took, of her and of chicago. the "i love you more than all the stars" print was from a designer at my office, and the "you make everything beautiful" print is from twosided in lakeview. i ordered the "fiona christan" needlepoint from etsy.

*sigh* we spent so many hours in this corner. my dad made the nesting tables and my mom knitted the baby blanket on the chair. i love having these things to remind me of them when i'm in fiona's room.

i loved the white brick walls. they really gave the space so much charm.

and for one last picture, this is me at 39 weeks finishing up the nursery. i think i sent this to my sisters with the caption "this is getting ridiculous."

so that's it! fiona's first nursery. i'll share when i have updates on her current room.


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