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four things i want my daughters to know on international women's day

international women's day is always a day when i take a moment to feel grateful for my opportunity to raise two bright and unique girls in today's world. there are so many things i love about parenting girls, but i'm mindful of the challenges inherent in today's society. here are four things i try to be intentional about teaching my girls as they grow. 1. you don't have to subscribe to gender norms, but it's okay if that's what appeals to you. i have struggled with this one since fiona was born. for a while, i found myself actively fighting all gender norms, like i was playing whack-a-mole against society. no she will NOT wear pink. *whack* get OUT of here, disney princesses who set a terrible example for little girls (looking at you, ariel). *whack* don't even THINK ABOUT IT, dance classes! *whack*  but as soon as fiona was old enough to express a preference, she chose disney princesses, pink tutus, and dance over soccer. i quickly realized i couldn'

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