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six books that impacted me this year

prepare yourselves for a very nerdy sentence: 2018 might be my best book year yet.

what does that even mean? i have always been an avid reader, and have never gone more than a few weeks between books. but after fiona was born, i quickly realized that i wasn't getting through books quickly enough to even remember the plot from one sitting to the next. i didn't have enough time to read, and it seemed that when i DID have time, i didn't have my book on hand. cue: ebooks! while breastfeeding, i discovered ebooks not on a tablet, but on my phone. suddenly, with my kindle app, i could read in the dark while feeding fiona, at bedtime, in the middle of the night, or when she fell asleep on me and i didn't want to move her (read: months 2 and 3 of her life). stupidly, i spent a while purchasing ebooks before i realized most libraries have apps like libby you can download to check out ebooks and audio books from there. my library has a great collection and always has new releases…

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