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to fiona, on your second birthday

as i prepare for your second birthday, i think about the 9 months that i carried you in my body. all those weeks i counted and marked and recorded while you grew, you went easy on me. you never made me sick, never gave me weird aversions or cravings, never made me too tired to keep my routine. you slept when i slept and moved during the day, giving my stomach divots and peaks where they'd never been before. and when, at midnight on your due date, my water broke, you made your way into the world exactly when you were supposed to. i realized i shouldn't be surprised that you were perfectly punctual, seeing as you'd been so considerate all along. it was an easy labor, and thanks to probably an overly aggressive epidural, i felt nothing as you were delivered at exactly 8AM on August 29th. the ease of my pregnancy carried into delivery and even breastfeeding, and scott and i could not stop remarking how lucky we were, how good you were. you became our angel baby, my dove, my bu…

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