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the biggest transformation in our house

i wonder if most people have the experience that one room or one detail of a house really sells it to them. for me, the part of our house that really sold me was actually an addition to the original home: a 2 story great room. this room is pretty enormous and has a TON of windows. it gets so much light and connects the kitchen to the dining room, and sort of serves as an anchor to the house. you can walk out from this room to the deck and backyard, and have the best view of our dear deer friends (scott hates this joke, i make it constantly) when they come to visit. another giant bonus as a parent: i can sit on the couch in this room and see fiona whether she's in the dining room, play room or kitchen. she can run a loop around our first floor and i don't (necessarily) have to move from the great room. yes, everyone, one of the reasons i love this room is because it totally enables me to be lazy. 

but this room was probably my LEAST favorite color when we bought it. it was a ver…

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