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i decided it's time to act on my half-assed new year's resolution to write more by actually... writing more. i'm taking baby steps with a brief update post about what i've been doing and thinking about lately. will see if i can keep this up!

what i'm watching:
true detective - we tried to watch season 2 and hated it, so we took a while to get around to starting season 3, but i have to say IT IS SO GOOD. i love mahershala and steven dorff. they are so good together.friends from college - started season 2 and loving it just as much as season education - we are sort of slowly making our way through this when we don't have anything else. i like it, and i love the characters, but it's not one i'm super dedicated to.schitt's creek - we are on season 4 and i really adore this show. i think it is somewhat inconsistent with how funny each episode is, but i love it. i especially love david, of course.what i'm reading:  still finishing michelle obama…

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