who wore it better?
i decided it's time to act on my half-assed new year's resolution to write more by actually... writing more. i'm taking baby steps with a brief update post about what i've been doing and thinking about lately. will see if i can keep this up!

what i'm watching:
  • true detective - we tried to watch season 2 and hated it, so we took a while to get around to starting season 3, but i have to say IT IS SO GOOD. i love mahershala and steven dorff. they are so good together.
  • friends from college - started season 2 and loving it just as much as season 1.
  • sex education - we are sort of slowly making our way through this when we don't have anything else. i like it, and i love the characters, but it's not one i'm super dedicated to.
  • schitt's creek - we are on season 4 and i really adore this show. i think it is somewhat inconsistent with how funny each episode is, but i love it. i especially love david, of course.
what i'm reading
  • still finishing michelle obama's book. i blame the fact that it's hardcover! i only am able to read it before bed and that means only a few pages at a time. i'm in the homestretch though.
  • i'm excited to start educated, which i got a copy of last week when scott and i went to barnes and noble as a precursor to our valentine's date.
  • this ryan adams article in the NYT was awful but important.
  • unrelated to anything, but this article reads like a suspense novel.
what i'm listening to:
  • i'm newly obsessed with the drop out, a podcast about the downfall of theranos and elizabeth holmes. if you haven't heard about this scandal, google it. it is MIND BOGGLING.
  • i keep up weekly with my faves: forever35, pod save america, hysteria.
what i'm thinking about:
  • my birthday is tomorrow! i always love my birthday, but i'm feeling very meh about this one. last year was 35, and it felt like a BIG DEAL. now this year i'm just... not feeling like making anything of it. the good news is the day AFTER my birthday we head to tacoma, washington to see both of my sisters AND my new niece, baby josephine. so we will celebrate together, but also keep it pretty low-key.
what i bought recently
  • i may be on my own with this one, but i love this whole bow accessory trend that i keep seeing, and leaned into it by purchasing a pair of bow scrunchies i found while in line at dsw (textbook impulse buy). fiona has claimed one as her own, so that leaves the other one for me (seen above). i can't find the exact ones i bought online but these are similar.
aaaaand that's what's on my mind lately! 


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