where i've been

a napping baby is not something to mess around with.
i'm sure every parent knows that time home alone with your child is very very different from time home alone... alone. i knew coming into this move that i'd have "time off from work" because i didn't have a job in cleveland yet, and the idea of having the summer off sounded AMAZING. i had 4 months off for maternity leave so i'm not totally unaware of how much work staying home with a child is, but let me be clear: caring for a 10 month old is SO SO VERY DIFFERENT OMG than caring for a 10 week old. ANYWAY all this is to say, i have less free time to write than i thought i would, even though i don't have a job. 

every day, as i put fiona down for her morning nap, this is my thought process: 

okay, she's down for a nap. i have anywhere from 1-2 hours to do any combination of the following things:

1. sleep
2. eat
3. work out
4. shower
5. write for my blog
6. clean
7. do laundry
8. mindlessly scroll through facebook/instagram/any other social media or blogs that i read
9. sit down for an uninterrupted 5-10 minutes at a time
10. look for a job (oh right, THAT)

honestly, it feels like i should be on a game show. i creep out of fiona's room and i'm filled with hope and anxiety. WOOHOO THIS IS MY TIME, and OH GOD THIS IS MY ONLY TIME. so, every day my choice varies, but seeing as i'm training for a triathlon (more on that next week!), desperately seeking employment, and generally like to maintain a certain level of personal hygiene, i know at least 3 of the things i'm going to try to do. the rest happens if she sleeps for an extra long time or i'm like, really super extra motivated that day. (so many pats on the back for a day like today, in which i was so ambitious that i napped (that 530AM wake up call did not go over well), ate, did laundry, went to the pool, worked out, and even posted this blog!)

anyway, this is a long-winded way of apologizing for not posting here for a few weeks. i have several review posts that are half-done, and a triathlon training post brewing in my mind, but mostly i just wanted to express today that being home with my sweet, hilarious, and impossibly-fast-for-someone-who-just-became-mobile daughter is keeping me busy, and it's great and hard and isolating and empowering and lonely and fun, and i want to share it with you. thanks for reading.


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