bridget begins blogging... for real this time

remember that time, almost exactly two years ago, when i started a blog, wrote one post, and was never heard from again? hooray, me! well i'm back and i'm starting over. but the sentimental in me can't manage to delete that first post, so here we are. second post, two years later, and a slightly different intention for this blog.

what has happened in two years? well, to start, some of the most life-altering things that i think can occur in a person's life. i had a baby, and i moved to a new state. i am dealing with some SERIOUS THINGS here people, and i need to document it.

the main thing i'd like to focus on is my giant, challenging, scary and (hopefully, eventually) rewarding move from chicago to cleveland. hence, the blog title. for the last ten years i have lived in chicago, and considered it to be the best place on earth. and i'm only kind of exaggerating, i really think it is the best place on earth to live in your twenties and thirties. i love that city so GD much. but when i met my husband scott and he told me his long-term plan was to return to cleveland where he is from, i agreed to go with him if we made it that far, and 5 years later, here we are. we are exactly three weeks into this new life and i'm three weeks into the grief and mourning and slow acceptance of losing one of my truest loves, chicago. 

SO i'm trying to find in cleveland as many of the things that i love about chicago as i can. beautiful views, fun and active friends, innovative and delicious restaurants, sweet and maybe even dog-friendly microbreweries. i'm on the hunt in a real way. i want to talk about some of my favorite experiences in chicago, and then find new favorite things in cleveland. 

and in the midst of that, i'm sure i'll show you pictures of my baby and my dog and my home, as those are things i'm sort of interested in too. i mean, if you follow me on instagram, you know i think my baby is prettyyyyy photogenic and really really amusing so. i'll try not to go TOO crazy with that though. 

so here we are again, let's do it for real this time!


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