bridget begins blogging

hey guys! i'm bridget, and this is my first blog post. sooo, how do i start? let's talk about why i'm starting a blog, as a 32-year old woman who was previously anti-blogs. yeeeah i'll admit it. i'm a hypocrite. a HUGE hypocrite. back in the early 2000s i openly judged anyone i knew who had a personal blog. i thought it was narcissistic and honestly just didn't know why anyone would think that random strangers on the internet would want to read about their lives. cut to now, 15-ish years later, and i am that random stranger reading a number of other women's blogs almost every day. i love it! i find inspiration for my home, my style, my work, my writing, even my vacations on the blogs of some pretty great women that i don't even remotely know IRL. did i just make that sound as creepy as it could possibly be? great.

as a life-long writer, both personally and professionally,  i'm finally giving myself an outlet for my passion and i hope it goes well! here's what i hope to cover here... (this part is meant to entice you to return.)

i have a huge love for food and the experiences it brings. i am an untalented but very enthusiastic cook, so i'll share some successes and recipes in that arena, but probably more often i'll share my experiences at restaurants and bars that i check out. i absolutely adore seeking out new places, and i rely heavily on the advice of random strangers on yelp - so i hope to channel a little bit of that too.

some of the blogs i love the most are interior design and styling blogs. i really feel strongly about having spaces that create happiness in my apartment and i never really feel "done" with decorating my apartment. so i'll share some of my inspirations and some of my own projects.

it seems like photography is a huge part of blogging, and i love it. i've been an amateur photographer for most of my life and recently invested in my first DSLR, so i'm excited to share photos of my favorite things and places that i capture. 

so, that's my plan. if you've made it this far i feel confident that you are related to me. HA and everyone else, thanks for checking in, and i'll be back soon :)


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